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The full game is available now! Play it here > https://redpink-games.itch.io/alices-reverie

Alice’s Reverie is a visual novel following our protagonist, Alice.  Alice grew tired of being compared to the protagonist of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a child. Now, as a twenty-year-old struggling student and a closeted lesbian, she envies the fictional Alice's carefree childhood days. But when Alice suddenly finds herself in her own bizarre version of Wonderland, will it be the magical adventure and fairy tale romance she's always dreamed of?

You choose who Alice will stay with; Wendy, Vee, Catherine, Lulu, Skylar, or Reese. Each route follows the descendants of the book characters and their daily life and struggles as Alice waits patiently until the day she can return home.

This is the demo version of the full game, which includes the following:

-the prologue and the entirety of act 1 for all 7 routes.  This includes the first bad end and one bonus scene for everyone.

-Demo gallery for all the characters.

-47k+ words in total. Roughly 5-7k+ words per route.

- Average 4-6 hours worth of game play.

-6 lovely love interests and 1 unlock-able one

-G/G and G/NB romance

Age: 20

Height: 5'6"

Role: Main Character/ You!

Alice is a kind and careful girl. She is able to adjust to whatever is thrown at her, even stumbling into an unfamiliar place. While she enjoys a bit of adventure every now and then, she also likes being at home with her sisters.

Age: 22

Height: 5'11"

Role: Blue Caterpillar

Vee is a calm and intellectual individual. She has a lot of walls put up, so she likes to be alone most of the time. But, she doesn't hate company. Most of her days are spent reading a book or keeping up her physique.

Age: 23

Height: 5'4"

Role: March Hare

Lulu is a bright and cheery woman who has enough kindness to spare. She is known as the "mom friend" by her friends because of how hard she cares for their well-being. She will always lend a hand if someone needs one.

Age: 23

Height: 5'7"

Role: Mad Hatter

Reese is an eccentric chatterbox who loves lolita fashion and hosting tea parties. When she isn't throwing a party, she isn't throwing a party, she can be found in her room tailoring clothes. She's a social butterfly who attempts to befriend everyone.

Age: 21

Height: 5'0"

Role: Dormouse

Skylar is a tired and snarky individual. They spend most of their time either sleeping or looking after their flower garden. Skylar's humor is very dry, but showing appreciation for it is the one-way ticket to their heart.

Age: 22

Height: 5'9"

Role: Cheshire Cat

Catherine is a clever, playful woman. She weans her way into people's hearts with her flirtatious and flattering comments, but she has no bad intentions. Her strong intuition lets her know everything about someone.

Age: 21

Height: 5'2"

Role: White Rabbit

Wendy is a careful and bashful person. She is completely devoted to her work and tries hard to make everything perfect. Even so, when she is faced with an unfamiliar situation, she gets nervous and stutters to the finish.

Age: 25

Height: 6'1"

Role: Princess of Hearts

Morrigan is a wise and demanding woman. She is the crown Princess of Wonderland and the rightful heir to the throne. While she is less cruel than her mother, she is not afraid to deal out punishments as needed.

Since Alice's Reverie will be a free game, the only way for us to gather funds to bring you the highest quality games we can is through donations from players like you!

Patreon supporters can recieve some of the following bonuses:

-CG previews

-Game screenshots

-A spot in the credits

-Extra game lore

-Early access and more!

If you are interested in helping us bring higher quality games in the future, then you can become one of our patrons by clicking on the text below!

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Can't afford to donate monthly? That's okay, you can also do small, one-time donations if you'd still like to support us through ko-fi!

If you donate to us during the development of the final version of the game you will be able to receive the following bonuses:

-$3 donation (one coffee) will get you a free sketch from the artist of Alice's Reverie!

-$6 donation (two coffees) will get you the digital artbook for free when the full game is released and the sketch.

-$9 donation (three coffees) will get you a special spot in the credits of the game along with the artbook and sketch!

More information on the Ko-Fi bonuses can be found in the devlogs below or on our Tumblr page. 

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Install instructions

For windows users: Download and unzip the .zip file and launch the game to play!

For Mac users: Download the and unzip the .zip file to access the game. If you get a message saying "unknown developer" and it doesn't let you launch the game, you have to go into your security settings and allow the game to launch from there.

!If you have the old version of the demo please read!

Please delete/ uninstall the old demo before launching the new version

There is a small chance that your old saves will carry over to the new version, and trying to load these saves can cause the game to crash. Please delete the old version from your computer to avoid this


ARDemo-1.0-pc.zip 289 MB
ARDemo-1.0-mac.zip 272 MB

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thank goodness for a wlw otome game!!!! Ive been searching for one for ages!!!! and now i can finally woo some women!!! Thank you very much! <3

You're welcome! We're proud to bring everyone some lovely lesbians to woo for some wholesome romance <3 !


I just finished the new demo. And wow. New CGs are great. I'm waiting for more more :) <3


I have to post  a second comment because ho-ly sh*t this final demo update is the BEE'S KNEES! I swear, you guys have got to be using some sort of witchcraft to make a game this good! I didn't think it possible, but now i'm even more pumped for the final version!

An error was brought to our attention regarding Alice’s pajama sprites not being found. This has now been fixed and the file has been re-uploaded to itch. If anyone encounters any other errors while playing the patch, please tell us so that we may fix them as soon as possible!


A fantastically gay take on Alice in Wonderland! I'm pumped for the release of the full version!

Thank you so much! We're sure you'll love the full version. We're striving to make it Super Gay

I loved the demo. Good artstyle, interesting interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Plus of course interesting, colorfull characters with interesting, colorful personalaties. For real, all the girls are cute ♥

I'm waiting for updates :)

This looks absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see where it goes story wise , my favorites at the moment are Wendy and Vee ♥


Thank you so much! We're glad that you enjoyed it! It's fun to know who you're favorites are at the moment, and we're sure that you'll enjoy their routes in the full game! 😊